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Cutting Tables

  Product Name
The Slagger Self Cleaning Zoned Downdraft Table

The SLAGGER handles material up to 8" thick, all dry plasma systems, and up to 20 torch inches of oxyfuel.

  • Available in widths from 6' to 24' and lengths from 11' to 130'
  • Zoned and Ducted for maximum smoke removal
  • Mechanical dampers for reliability and strength
  • Self Cleaning to reduces cleaning downtime by up to 95% for maximum productivity

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If you are looking for a high-quality and efficient plasma cutting table Automated Cutting Machinery has the solution. Automated Cutting Machinery is a reputable provider of plasma cutting tables custom configured for your needs. All our systems are designed and engineered by Messer Cutting Systems the world’s largest CNC plasma cutting table manufacturer.

A plasma cutting table is ideally suited for companies looking to profile cut various shapes from thin or thick plates of carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum. Automated Cutting Machinery is the #1 supplier of customized plasma cutting tables to the Canadian steel service centers and the premier plasma cutting table supplier in Canada. Our plasma cutting tables meet the highest standards of quality and durability and Messers many years of experience in plasma cutting table design ensures maximum performance.

A Messer plasma cutting table is not only strong and reliable, it also boasts the highest possible cut quality, speed, and plasma cut accuracy. A Messer cutting machine designed specifically for your plate cutting needs will enable you to cut precise shapes and improve production efficiency.

The Messer “Global Control” computer numeric control (CNC) designed exclusively for your Messer plasma cutting table is not only very easy to use but also the most flexible on the market today. This gives your plasma cutting table the ability to be easily upgraded to grow with your business and needs.

With Automated Cutting Machinery and Messer Cutting Systems plate processing productivity is #1. This means all of our plasma cutting tables are designed to yield the lowest possible plasma cutting operational costs with the highest possible production output. A Messer plasma cutting table may not be the least expensive…but it’s higher output and lower operational costs makes your company more profitable than any other plasma cutting machine available.

For more detailed information about plasma cutting tables in Canada please call now. Let our experience work for you.

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