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The Slagger Self Cleaning Zoned Downdraft Table - Cutting Tables

The Slagger Self Cleaning Zoned Downdraft Table

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The Slagger Self Cleaning Zoned Downdraft Table

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The Slagger cutting table by Messer-MG Systems is like no other in its ability to move the Whether produced from Oxy-fuel or Plasma cutting, it collects slag from the table bottom to a collection pan at the end of the table in under 5 The Slagger table can handle material up to 8" />
This is accomplished by a patented pusher type blade that is propelled forward with a positive rack and pinion When the blade reaches the end of the table, the slag is pushed into a pan located in the floor for disposal />
The Slagger is high performance smoke removal downdraft Smoke is drawn from the table by a side duct that is divided into The zones open only at the cutting machine location for maximum />

Table Sizes

Width - from 6' to 24'
Length - from 11' to 130'

Special Features

  • Easily clean table once a day in less than 5 minutes
  • Small parts retrieved easily by slagger blade
  • High performance downdraft system keeps area clean
  • Table does not need slats removed to clean slag and retrieve parts
  • Zoned and ducted downdraft system for maximum performance
  • Mechanically actuated damper doors for reliability and strength
  • Optional in floor slag collection or floor mounted slag scoop

Click HERE for Slagger Downdraft Table brochure


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